Interior House Painting Tips – by Edison Chase

There are many different things to consider when painting and decorating. Picking out the best color for the job is only one aspect. This article will discuss common interior house painting ideas and tips.

Interior House PaintingBefore you even begin room painting, you will need to prepare the surface. Mild soap and a damp cloth can be used to remove light dirt. All fixtures, doors, windows, and trim will need to be masked off with tape before hand too. When room painting, you won’t be able to smooth over cracks, nails, and other objects. If there are any minor cracks in the wall, you should look to repair them with spackling paste. The filler should be sanded smooth after it dries.

Anything else hanging on the walls such as clocks, pictures, and nails will need to be removed. It’s also a good idea to get as much furniture out of the room as possible. This will keep you from splattering paint on it accidentally. If you can’t get everything out of the room, then you should at least move it to the center and away from the walls.

It’s a good idea to shop around when looking for paint ideas. Different hardware stores have different brand offerings and selections. Collect as many color samples as you can when looking for house painting ideas instead of jumping on the first thing you see. If you have any fabric or other colors that you’re trying to match in the room, you should take them along with you.


While you’re out looking at colors, you should start thinking about the various tools that your project requires. Sprayers and powered rollers definitely make this house decorating task much more convenient. If you’re going for the old-fashioned method, you’ll still have a few brush choices to make.

The bristles on brushes can be made from various materials. If you’re using a latex paint, it’s best that you use a nylon brush to keep it from absorbing water. Brushes with natural bristles are best used when working with oil-based paints.

Room painting also requires you to pick out a good primer. A good application of primer will provide the paint with a nice surface to adhere to. There are different types that you can use including acrylic and alkyd.

Alkyd primers work with any type of paint and can even be used on metal surfaces. However, you’ll need to clean up with solvents. Acrylic primers are water-based. They can also be applied to a wide variety of surfaces and accommodate any type of paint.

There are many things to consider when painting and decorating. Picking out a nice color to accent other colors in the room is only the first task. You’ll also need to repair any surface imperfections before you begin room painting.

Edison Chase lives in Boston MA and writes about home projects like exterior house painting and garden shed plans.

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