The Art Of Choosing House Paint Colors – by Doug Stecklein

Choosing House Paint Colors for your house can be one of the most daunting and challenging tasks of painting your home.

Choosing House Paint ColorsYou must do your due diligence when Choosing House Paint Colors or the final results can be very disappointing, to say the least. In my fifteen years of house painting, I have had several homeowners that were so unhappy with their color choices that they decided to have me paint their entire house over again. It pays dividends to put forth a little extra effort when choosing your colors. To assist you with your color choices I will provide a few methods to pick that perfect color.

The first and most used method of Choosing House Paint Colors is going to your local paint store of choice and looking through their color swatch selections. The benefit to this method is you can easily find hundreds of paint samples to choose from. The downside of this method is the accuracy of color swatches. A small color difference on a swatch can make a huge difference when applied to your home. I suggest before making your final decision from a color swatch to buy a quart of the paint color and apply a test patch on your home.

The second method of choosing colors is driving around your neighborhood to find a house color you like. Many homeowners are flattered that you like their colors and are more than willing to dig out their old paint cans to help you. If color numbers are not available you can dip something (ex. Paint stir stick) into the paint can to get a color sample and take the sample to your paint store to have it matched exactly. This is a very effective way of getting the exact colors you want without any surprises.

The third method of choosing house paint colors is using a computer color program. Sherwin Williams offers a program that allows their customers to apply Sherwin William’s colors to a picture of a house. We have used this program for hundreds of our clients over the years. If you have trouble visualizing what paint colors will actually look like on your house, this program will be a valuable tool to assist you.

The fourth method of choosing house paint colors is a program we have utilized at []. We have compiled a gallery of close to 100 pictures of houses we have painted in the past few years and listed the color numbers and house address with each picture. This is an easy and convenient way for our customers to find their house paint colors. All you need to do is find a house you like in the gallery and the color numbers and house address are listed for your convenience.

Whatever method you decide to use to pick out your colors, remember to spend some time and effort in making the decision. You don’t want to come home from work after the painters have been working all day and realize the color you chose wasn’t gray, it was blue.

For over a decade Doug Stecklein has owned and operated an Exterior Painting Company in and around Olathe, Kansas. He specializes in house painting & wood rot.

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